The Go / Node + React powered SaaS Template

Are you going to develop your next big SaaS thing? Save 3 months of development in 5 minutes of setup. A production ready SaaS composed by Go / Node API and a React frontend

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Powerful Built-In Features

We focused only on setting up plans and collecting recurring subscription payments (3D secure enabled) with Stripe. Customers can subscribe, consume their trial period, change plan, cancel their subscription, update billing infos, add or remove credit cards, change locale. And everyone is notified by email.

Accounts and subdomains — Allow your users to create their subdomain based account and manage it easily.

Subscriptions — Setup plans and collect recurring subscription payments with Stripe in minutes.

Trial — No credit card required to start the trial period.

Production Ready Components

Starter SaaS ships in 2 versions: Go API (based on Gofiber) or Node API (based on Express) and a powerful React frontend

Clean code — Both APIs and frontend follow the most common patterns. Easy to understand and fast to customize. Go and Node APIs expose the same enpoint signature and the same response payload.

Easy to customize — Follow the online documentation to find out how to customize the starter and add new features easily.

Background Tasks — Scheduled tasks notify customers about successful and failed payments, expiring trials and new subscriptions.

Payments — Recurring payments made easy with Stripe integration and webhooks!

Landing Page — A responsive, easy-to-customize landing page template (see it in action)

Pricing Page — A stunning pricing page integrated directly into your application

Clone the project and customize it as you wish. We release StarterSaaS with a permissive MIT license!

Production ready template

This starter powers Articoli e Social, a subscription based content writing startup, and MenuClick24, a digital menu SaaS. Both in production!

Database — MongoDB.

Go API — Fiber - Gocron

Node API — Express - node-cron

Frontend — React - react-query - react-hook-form - recoil - react-bootstrap - react-i18next

Focus on 80/20 principle

Just few thing done right in a simpler way. From developers to developers. No teams management, no user invites, no fake dashboards with mocked charts! No useless features that nobody wants.

API and Frontend
  • user registration of account with subdomain, email and password
  • user email activation with 6 characters code and account creation
  • resend activation code if not received
  • user password reset through code sent by email
  • user login
  • user logout
  • user change password once logged in
  • account trial period
  • edit of account billing information
  • subscription creation
  • plan change
  • add new credit card
  • remove credit card
  • subscription cancel
  • subscription re enable
  • 3D Secure ready payments
  • subscription handling via Stripe customer portal
  • account's users list (by admins only)
  • account's user create (by admins only)
  • account's user update (by admins only)
  • account's user delete (by admins only)
API only
  • account's users list (by account admins only)
  • account's user create (by account admins only)
  • account's user update (by account admins only)
  • stripe webhooks handling
  • events notifications by email: new user subscribed - successful payments - failed payments
  • daily notifications by email: expiring trials - failed payments - account suspension due to failed payments

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